Istoria Noastra

Conectam programele de caritate cu afaceri pentru a succede

Bridging The Gap was created in March 2014 by three Brits who had previously lived in Romania at certain points in their lives. Through previous work and volunteering, Romania was dear to these three and they wanted to help the charity sector by using the best things that they had – resources, skills and contacts. Since 1989, hundreds of foreign aid charities and agencies have entered Romania and as the situation in the country has gotten better, these charities have left as they are no longer needed. In fact, only around 10% of these charities who entered remain in 2014. Many organisations are still being created today in Romania and the majority of them have the same goal – to have an impact on society by making a difference. As the NGO ‘market’ in Romania is increases, many of the smaller charities are left out in the cold as they are less experienced in this sector and are less skilled in such fields as fundraising, strategic planning, networking and most importantly, achieving their goals. These organisations have needs and many of them do not have the experience or time to have these needs met. Bridging The Gap was created to help these organisations obtain resources for their needs.